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Extreme Tennis stocks a wide range of racquets, grips, strings, bags, balls, clothing, accessories and much more. To discuss your needs or to place an order – contact us.


Why buy through us?

  • Extreme Tennis Coaching provides the opportunity to try out different demo racquets on the court so that you will be 100% satisfied that you do make the right purchase.
  • Racquets can be ordered and purchased within 24 hours.
  • Competitive prices.


Extreme Tennis offers a professional stringing service that caters for all budgets with restrings starting from as little as $20 up to $45 for the hugely popular Luxilon Big Banger string range.
Our string range is wide and varied and all stringing is done on an  electronic machine to ensure high quality.
Restrings can be done on the spot if necessary, otherwise a 24 hour turn-a-around is offered.
With over 25 years of stringing experience we can guarantee you a prompt & professional service.
Contact us for a further “string” consultation.

Accessories and additional related services offered:
• New original and wrap around grips
• Broken frames repaired
• Head protection tape/replacement bumper strips
• Vibration dampeners
• Lead weights
• WILSON demo racquets
• New & pre-owned racquets for sale
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Tennis stocks a wide range of equipment available for purchase. Stock carried includes:
• Racquets both adult & junior
• Balls
• Apparel
• Shoes
• Bags
• Low compression balls (red, orange, green)
• Mini nets

What you are looking for not listed? Then contact us and we’ll do our best to arrange via the various suppliers we have access to.
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Training Tools

The game of tennis demands that the successful player needs to develop a wide variety of physio/motor capacities. Components of physical fitness are:
Endurance, strength, speed, flexibility, motor skill & coordination, balance, power and agility.
Extreme Tennis stocks a wide range & variety of training tools for purchase that can assist in these areas. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs.