Fast4_Tennis_PromoWhat is FAST4 Tennis?

In the same way Twenty20 cricket has revolutionised how cricket is played, FAST4 Tennis is a speedier form of the traditional game, intended to encourage audiences around the world to get back into tennis.

How did it start?

FAST4 Tennis was introduced by Tennis Australia to give people a quicker (and possibly more exciting) way to play tennis. According to Tennis Australia’s website, “Designed with the time-crunched player in mind, the FAST4 format means that anyone, anywhere has time for tennis.”

What are the rules?

FAST4 Tennis encourages lightning-fast play, with sets won when one player reaches four games, rather than the usual six or seven. Matches don’t generally last any longer than 75 minutes, even at five sets, with each set lasting about a quarter of an hour at most. Players are not allowed to sit down between change of ends and play must resume within 60 seconds of the previous game finishing. Players are allowed a 90 second break at the end of each set.


Four really is the magic number when it comes to FAST4. The basics of the game are the same as ‘conventional’ tennis, but there are four key rules:



If the serve clips the tape and lands in the service box, there’s no let, it’s game on. What’s more, if you’re playing doubles either the receiver or their partner can take the return.



As soon as a game gets to deuce it’s a Power Point. The receiver chooses which side will take the serve. This applies to doubles too with the receiving pair deciding who returns the point.



At 3 games all a short tie-break is played, first to 5 points. A Power Point determines the winner at 4 points all.



Hence the name FAST4. It doesn’t matter how you get there, just make sure you get to four before the competition does. No advantage games.


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